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NEW Vintage clutch by Merïkh

M008 Vintage clutch (1)

Good Thursday  As you seen from my IG account (elenafbruno), in this period I didn’t stay a lot at home. Therefore, I talked to you about Merïkh in several occasions, like here. Now there are two new collections: NEW Vintage clutch and NEW Card holder. New Vintage clutch is made of leather with attachable shoulder strap and magnet closure. Use […] Read more…


MERÏKH: the new idea of handbag


Good Tuesday I think that the Design is one of the best tools to improve our lives, even in small things. A product can be born from the needs of the same designer who wants to create something that currently doesn’t exist. It is  the case of Hannele Merik and her brand of bags MERÏKH. Hannele […] Read more…