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My Red Carter Pyton


Good Wednesday:) How are your holidays? I imagine that you remember Red Carter, the American brand of swimwear for which I was one of the ambassadors #goforsun on my account instagram (elenafbruno). The special feature of this bikini is made by the intertwining of laces. I assure you that this bikini worn greatly enhances your shapes: […] Read more…


My Wanderlust Brakinis


Good Monday to all of you How did you spend your week-end? I hope well. Last year, I fell in love with neoprene bikini. Thus, this year I tried Brakinis swimwear. I have chosen Ollie Penny Wanderlust model for the amazing blue (SIZE S). I can only say one thing: I love it. I adore the shape, […] Read more…


Kedua Giselle


Good Friday Are you ready for the week-end? As you seen from my IG account (elenafbruno), in these previous day I went to Acqui Terme (a little city of Piedmont) to relax myself. I spent almost the whole day in the swimming pool because it was so hot. In the first day, I wore my Kedua Giselle […] Read more…


Kedua Moda Mare Donna presso Mondo Via Roma


La scorsa settimana sono stata invitata alla presentazione della nuova linea di costumi femminili KEDUA. KEDUA nasce dal desiderio di voler offrire dei prodotti moderni, che si adattino a tutte le donne, con le migliori materie prime. I costumi da bagno solo realizzati con l’utilizzo del 30% di fibra elastomerica, mentre gli abiti con il 100% di fibre naturali. Ogni […] Read more…


Triangl in Neoprene


Good mornig, What do you recall the words Triangl and Neoprene? Of course, I don’t bring to mind only the geometry and materials science. But I’m talking about a brand Triangl that manufactures swimsuits using Neoprene (for the uninitiated, it’s the material that is used for diving suits). The main characteristics of Neoprene are elasticity, […] Read more…