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Black sand and Blue Triangl


Oramai il sole ed il mare sono solo ricordi.  Ecco le ultime foto scattate a Kos. Now, sun and sea are only memory. My last photos in Kos. Swimwear: Chloe Malibù Blue Location: Diamond Deluxe Hotel Read more…


End of Summer


Hi followers, I’m back in Turin last Saturday, after 2 months of holidays. I’ll be tanned, at least for one month! 😉 My summer was only sea, sun and sand. How I told you, that’s one of my favourite neoprene bikini: Triangl. I love this shape, comfort and cobalt blue. I think it was gorgeous. […] Read more…


Triangl in Neoprene


Good mornig, What do you recall the words Triangl and Neoprene? Of course, I don’t bring to mind only the geometry and materials science. But I’m talking about a brand Triangl that manufactures swimsuits using Neoprene (for the uninitiated, it’s the material that is used for diving suits). The main characteristics of Neoprene are elasticity, […] Read more…