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Liu Jo

Spain: Sevilla Day 2


You imagine being in another era, to find yourself in a maze and to hide. All of this happened to me at the Alcazar of Seville. Describing the beauty of the gardens would just be reductive. The human eye is lost among the trees, flowers and water. A real dream. Immaginate di essere in un’altra […] Read more…


Spain: Siviglia Day 1


Hi The last stop of our journey was Seville. You can only love Sevilla! It’s rich of history and of innovation. A building that “struck” me was the Metropol Parasol (or a fungus) that is located at the meeting point between the Roman cardo and the decumanus. It was realized in wood and steel. In […] Read more…


Spain: Malaga day 1


Hi After being 3 days in Marbella, I went to Malaga where I could visit the gorgeous Alcazaba (Muslim fortress).  The interior is a little gem full of gardens and places to rest. Dopo essere stata 3 giorni a Marbella, sono andata a Malaga dove ho potuto visitare la meravigliosa Alcazaba (una fortezza di epoca […] Read more…