My Wanderlust at DDH


Good Friday Others pics of my stay at Diamond Deluxe Hotel, of Kos. Altre foto del mio soggiorno a Kos presso il Diamond Deluxe Hotel. Swimwear: Ollie Penny Wanderlust (SIZE S) Location: Diamond Deluxe Hotel Read more…


My Wanderlust Brakinis


Good Monday to all of you How did you spend your week-end? I hope well. Last year, I fell in love with neoprene bikini. Thus, this year I tried Brakinis swimwear. I have chosen Ollie Penny Wanderlust model for the amazing blue (SIZE S). I can only say one thing: I love it. I adore the shape, […] Read more…


Brakinis: Ollie-Penny Wanderlust


Good Friday Today, I talk about swimwear, namely Brakinis‘ neoprene swimwear (for instance, the material of the diving suits). Compared to the lycra, neoprene is much more resistant (these bikinis will last for years), it allows to have a slimmer figure. However, you should not bend your bikini for not having folds. In Italy, they are not well known, […] Read more…