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Month: aprile 2014

Shop in Scali


I am back from a week in London. These days have passed quickly and to my regret I had to return in Turin. In these two months I have not been much in Turin: between Milan, twice in Geneva, Liguria, Lake Orta and finally a week in London. Before leaving, I went into one of […] Read more…


Alberto Fermani Fall/Winter 2014-2015


 Good moorning, Today, the sun don’t want to come out, so I speak of the New Collection Fall / Winter 2014-2015 by Alberto Fermani. He tried to create a versatile, everyday and aesthetically refined product to satisfy any type of woman (especially those who are always in a rush). The focus on the research of […] Read more…


Cocktail Party Twin-Set Spring/Summer 2014


Hello everybody, Last Thursday I went to the Party organized by Twin-Set Simona Barbieri in the Boutique that is in Turin, in Via Roma 101. I had the chance to see the new collection Spring / Summer 2014. I believe that some of gardments, such as lace and sequins, must be in own wardrobe. I love […] Read more…


Triangl in Neoprene


Good mornig, What do you recall the words Triangl and Neoprene? Of course, I don’t bring to mind only the geometry and materials science. But I’m talking about a brand Triangl that manufactures swimsuits using Neoprene (for the uninitiated, it’s the material that is used for diving suits). The main characteristics of Neoprene are elasticity, […] Read more…